Our business is focused on taking vintage and classic cars and bringing them back to life, sometimes as they were originally built, and other times by creating a classic look with all the modern bells and whistles that technology has to offer. We are often challenged to take a newer muscle car and make it a one of kind that stands out from the hundreds of others like it.

We have become well known for our high standards and quality work that we produce, as well as the ability to make old cars fit together better than they were ever designed to. We are very proud of the reputation we have established in the classic car community for turning out award-winning cars that our clients can be proud of. We work to establish relationships that make our customers feel like they are a part of the process. Our customers are welcome anytime their cars are here to come and see the progress of the work being done. One of the primary things that sets us apart from so many shops is that we only specialize in customs and classics and are not hampered by the collision side of the business.

We have an incredible group in the shop. John's talent at painting shows in every vehicle that rolls out of the paint booth, Dustin is talented in finishing out new paint and rejuvenating old paint, and Bernard is an extremely creative body man and is quality oriented. We never give up and work hard together to make things happen day in and day out.